Scoring politicians’ speeches for reading grade level

graph of politicians' vocab and grammar

Regarding Jacoby’s claim that language in public discourse has become simplified and debased over time, see this story in the Washington Post published in the run up to the last presidential election: “‘Trump’s Grammar in Speeches ‘Just Below 6th Grade Level,’ Study Finds.”

If you’re really interested in this subject, here’s a whole book:
Lim, Elvin. T. 2008. The Anti-Intellectual Presidency: The Decline of Presidential Rhetoric from George Washington to George W. Bush. New York: Oxford University Press.

Book burning and other trouble

books being burned on a bbq grill

Here are a few links indicating America’s fraught relationship with books.

From the British Independent: “Harry Potter Books Removed From School Library Because They Contain ‘Real’ Curses and Spells.”

A story at the Washington Post about how younger Americans spend their leisure time (including more time on games, less time reading books): “More Work, More Sleep: New Study Offers Glimpse of Daily Life As a Millennial.”

Also this at CNN: “Georgia College Students Burned the Books of a Latina Author.”

And one more link. It’s not about books, but we’ll also discuss this recent article from the Washington Post a bit on the first day: “‘You’re a Bunch of Dopes and Babies’: Inside Trump’s Stunning Tirade Against Generals.”